Meet our amazing 2020-2021 staff!
Rencontrez notre superbe équipe 2020-2021!

Our K5 Team
Teachers: Emily Langevin & Alicia Demers

Special ed technician: Kathleen Bernert

Attendants: Isabelle Dallaire & Val Irving (Genevieve Decloitre)

Daycare educator who will offer the BOKS program once a day: Cathy Martin

Music teacher: Erin Flynn

Our K5 Team
Teachers: Miss Jade McArthur, Mme Mélanie Gagnon et Mme Ellie (Elizabeth Stavrou)

Special ed technician: Kathleen Bernert

Attendants: Bob Lister & Brigitte Tremblay

Daycare educator who will offer BOKS program once a day: Cathy Martin & Coco who will help support their breakfast program.

Our cycle 1 Team
Teachers: Chris Wallace, Melissa Duheme, Mélanie Gagnon & Andréanne Picard-Charette

Special ed technician: Miranda Strong

Attendant: Krista McKoy

Our cycle 2 Team
Teachers: Anny Auclair & Victoria Hall

Special ed technician: Chelsea Cyr-Gauthier

Attendant: Miranda Strong

Our Grade 4 & 5/6 Team
Teachers: Natascha Chortyk & Nathalie Perron
Special Education Technician: Lyndsay Maither

Our Specialists
Physical Education: Crystal McCormick
Music and Resource: Erin Flynn
Resource: Miss Melissa, Mme Anny, Mme Mélanie, Miss Elizabeth, Miss Erin, Ms McCormick

Our Daycare Team
Daycare Technician: Geneviève Decloitre
Educators:  Coco and Miss Cathy 
Attendant: Velda Brown

Our Lunchtime Team
Cathy, Velda, Geneviève, Lyndsay and Isabelle

Our Custodians Extraordinaire
Denis Vallières and Morgan Thompson

Our Wonderful Secretary
Sylvie Raithby

Our Amazing Kitchen team
Maria Di Vita and Sandi Tolhurst

And of course our NUMBER 1 volunteer who reads, plays board game and outdoor games with our students:
Mr. Whalley

If you do not have our staff’s email addresses and wish to contact them, please email the school at

Have a wonderful year! Je vous souhaite une superbe année!

Mélanie Primeau