The 2020-2021 supply lists are ready!

Les listes d’effets scolaires 2020-2021 sont prêtes!

Please take note: 

  • If you wish to reuse any items from last year, you are more than welcome to do so!

  • For physical education in K4-K5, students will not be changing; for grades 1-6, students will wear their t-shirt (you will have a chance to order a new one on August 31st) along with shorts, leggings or other comfortable bottoms as well as running shoes.

  • Please make sure your child as both indoor and outdoor shoes to help keep the school as clean as possible.

  • Please also make sure you dress your child in an appropriate way for the weather.

  • Reusable water bottles are a must and should be identified!

  • SUGGESTIONS: If you wish to, you may send facial tissue, hand sanitizer as well as wet wipes identified to your child’s name.


K4-K5 supply list

Cycle 1_ grades 1 and 2 Supply list

Cycle 2_ grades 3 and 4 supply list

Cycle 3_ grades 5 and 6 supply list