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Staff Directory

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Principal: Caroline Bouchard
Secretary: Sylvie Raithby

K Team

Shannon Lamb, Sandrine Robert and Amy Laroche

Special ed technician: Tanya Miller

K5 Team

Jade McArthur, Geneviève Michaud

Attendants: Brigitte Tremblay, Val Irving

Daycare Educator who will offer the BOKS program once a day
Cathy Martin

Music Teacher: Mr. Elsmore


Cycle 1 Team

Chris Wallace, Melissa Duheme, Mélanie Gagnon & Claudine Leclerc

Special Ed Technician
Miss Kathleen (NRST) & Miss Kari 

Attendants: Miss Krista and Miss Val

Cycle 2 Team


Chris Wallace, Claudine Leclerc, Emma Hayes, Andréanne Picard-Charette


Special Ed Technician: Miss Kathleen and Miss Kari


Cycle 3 team

Natascha Chortyk, Alicia Demers, Anny Auclair, Victoria Hall

Special Education Technician: 

Our Specialists

Physical Education
Crystal McCormick

Mr. E (Kirk Elsmore)

Mme Anny & Miss Hall 

Daycare Team

Daycare Technician
Lisa Tremblay:

Coco, Miss Cathy & Miss Kari

Velda Brown

Lunchtime Team

Cathy, Velda, Coco, Miss Krista  – Miss Kathleen & Ms. Kari (social activities and support)


Mr. Denis, Mr. Sal

Our Wonderful Secretary

Sylvie Raithby

Kitchen Team

Maria Di Vita and Sandi Tolhurst

And of course our NUMBER 1 volunteer
who reads, plays board game and outdoor games with our students

Mr. Whalley

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