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Great news for 2023-2024

You can pay for your child’s lunches directly on here or by cash!  

  1. Take a look at the menu

  2. Choose your child’s meals for the next week

  3. Complete your two week online order by the Sunday before to secure your 6$ meal (Click the Order button!)

  4. Pay online or send cash in a clearly marked envelope.

Last-minute meal order? No problem! Just complete the form before 7:00 a.m. the day you want to order, and send along the $6.50 with your child.


*** No rises in cost this year!

*** No credits (to help keep the costs the same) except on school closures.

*** No orders after 8 am (We do encourage early bird!)

*** When sending money in, write a note in the agenda to give the teacher a heads up so they look for it. We do encourage you to use the card payment option to avoid sending money with your children.

*** For questions about the cafeteria, please EMAIL Mary  She will answer you within 24 working hours. 

*** If you order and choose Pay cash, the money MUST come in that day.

*** A student without a lunch ordered online by 8am will receive cereal and fruit as lunch at your cost. We pushed the order time back by an hour to help with morning planning but do have to ensure we can plan on our end to avoid loss of food.

Order form for the next two weeks 🙂


Dear parents, please pay attention to outings your child will be attending in order NOT to order on those days. If the field trip is announced before the menu is posted and you place an order, we will not issue a credit. If, however, the field trip is announced after and we were not able to rectify, credits will be issued.


Last minute decision? Order here! 🙂


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